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On April 11, amidst allegations of fraud, Sudan held its first multiparty elections for presidential, parliamentary and state assembly posts in more than two decades. After 11 days of counting, President Omar Al-Bashir, leader of the northern...

By Record on Apr 29th, 2010

The Moscow metro blasts of March 29, 2010, have raised new questions about the effectiveness of the ten-year-old Russian operation in the North Caucasus that has alarmed human rights activists and now seemingly failed to prevent new attacks...

By Record on Apr 28th, 2010

On April 8, 2010, US President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev met in Prague to sign a new treaty: the New START. It will reduce the number of nuclear arms held by each country by more than 25 percent over the next seven...

By Record on Apr 9th, 2010