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Monthly Archives: October 2013

October has been an important period for diplomacy in the Asian-Pacific region. On the 9th and 10th of the month, Southeast Asian leaders met in Brunei in a series of talks that included the 8th East Asia Summit (EAS) and the 23rd Association...

By Record on Oct 26th, 2013

The oceans are the world’s largest life support systems, according to the Marine Conservation Institute. They generate half of the oxygen that we breathe, contain 97 percent of the world’s water and 80 percent of all life on Earth. Yet there...

By Record on Oct 22nd, 2013

The countries of Eastern Europe, both former Soviet satellite states and former republics within the Soviet Union, have been faced with an identity crisis ever since their full independence between 1989 and 1991. On the one hand, geography,...

By Record on Oct 16th, 2013

The term ‘legal high’ may lead consumers to believe they are purchasing safe substances to mimic the effects of illicit hard drugs, yet these designer drugs are to blame for roughly one death a week in the United Kingdom. Online forums are...

By Record on Oct 14th, 2013

On September 23, the International Criminal Court granted Kenya’s Deputy President, William Ruto a week long adjournment during the climax of Al-Shabab’s attack on Westgate Mall in Nairobi. While Kenya begins to recover from what President...

By Record on Oct 13th, 2013

To see women live free from “torture, starvation, humiliation, sexual slavery, mutilation and murder for the simple fact of being women,” is what Attorney General Ana Belfon appealed for on Sept. 18, when her office presented a new bill...

By Mina Akrami on Oct 5th, 2013