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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Leaders such as David Cameron and Barack Obama have spoken extensively on the human rights violations committed by Isis and the group’s growing threat to “the West.” Simultaneously, it seems that the two have overlooked their own role...

By Holly Brentnall on Sep 24th, 2014

By Sharon Lili Elhadad, M.A. and Dana Elhadad, M.Sc Throughout history emerging infectious diseases have shaped the course of human history and have caused incalculable misery and death. New advances in science, technology and medicine have...

By Sharon Lili Elhadad on Sep 19th, 2014

And so, almost two full years after the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, put pen to paper and signed a deal granting Scottish Parliament the power to hold a referendum on independence, the United Kingdom for now remains intact after victory...

By Christopher Davis on Sep 19th, 2014

For those about to graduate, the job market does not look promising. There have been several studies done on college graduates in the past years in an attempt to assess the importance of alternative career models and to predict the long-ranging...

By Sharon Lili Elhadad on Sep 15th, 2014

The recent escalation of violence in Gaza has been followed up by increase in anti-Semitic sentiment across Europe. Attacks on Synagogues have become frequent and there have been worrying reports anti-Semitic slogans chanted at demonstrations....

By Holly Brentnall on Sep 12th, 2014

The town of Choiseul with a population around a thousand people will be relocating from Taro Island. Choiseul is among the first population centers to be forced to migrate due to sea level rise. The small island is less than 2 meters above sea...

By Christopher Round on Sep 3rd, 2014

When news of Robin Williams’ death by suicide was announced three weeks ago, the world was assailed for days with the minutiae of the actor-comedian’s final moments. In the aftermath of this media furor, however, it is becoming clear that...

By T.S. Blanchard on Sep 1st, 2014