Summer has arrived, and we can feel the heat.  Even if we wear tee-shirts and shorts, we still feel hot.  The good news is that caftans  help us escape the heat.  Since they are loose fitting, they make us feel comfortable on humid days.  Coming in different colors and designs, they are stylish.  By making us look elegant, they enhance our femininity in the Western world.

Even though today’s caftans look modern, people have worn them for thousands of years.  Dating back to ancient Mesopotamia, Middle Eastern people wore these outfits.  Since they represented royalty, the sultans of the Ottoman Empire wore them.


In warm regions, people wore tunics to escape the heat.  In West Africa, people still wear them.  West African women wear caftans.  In West Africa, men also wear caftans that are called Senegalese.  Besides West Africa, people still wear these garments in areas where the weather is sultry.

Caftans have cultural significance.  The Japanese tunic is the kimono.  The Chinese have garments that are called hanfus.  Sometimes we may even see a geisha wearing a kimono.

Now caftans are popular worldwide.  People in Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania, Russia, Israel, India and the United States wear these tunics.  Since these dresses combine with many other clothes, they will continue to be global fashions.


During the 1960’s and 1970’s, hippies made these garments fashionable in America.  Since they were  liberating for women, they were ideal for their lifestyle.

Legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor made caftans popular in the United States.  When she married Richard Burton again in 1975, she could have worn a traditional wedding dress.  On her special day, she tie-dyed tunic designed by Gina Frantini.  She looked like an exotic princess.

Modern fashion designers still create caftans today.  Stella McCartney, Alberta Ferreti and Gucci all create these tunics.  Since they cover imperfections, they will remain popular.  They also look good on every body type.  For thousands of years, these dresses have made women look beautiful and still make them look glamorous today.