Saturday 25 February, 2017
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White House Leakers

President Trump has vowed to find and punish officials who are leaking information about his presidency. Trump’s announcement comes after the House Intelligence Committee said they are investigating the sources behind the story that led to...

Neil Gorsuch

Donald Trump’s pick of Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court will have a lasting effect on the Supreme Court. If confirmed, he could make his presence felt on the Court on a series of hot-button issues, including transgender rights, voter ID laws...

By Lawrence Lease on Feb 1st, 2017
Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning set to be released from prison in May President Obama has commuted the sentence of several criminals including Bradley Manning, now known as Chelsea Manning. Law enforcement arrested Chelsea for stealing more than 70,000 classified...

Patriots Day

‘Patriots Day’ dives into the lives impacted by the Boston Bombing Director Peter Berg has brought Patriots Day, his latest true-story film, to theaters nationwide. Starring Mark Wahlberg, the film is Berg’s latest real-life drama,...

Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly has called it quits at Fox News after more than 12 years Fox News’ leading female anchor is leaving Fox News for NBC and will be signing off on Friday. Twelve years ago, Megyn Kelly began her storied career at the conservative...

By Lawrence Lease on Jan 4th, 2017
Christopher Chamberlin

Christopher Chamberlin will ‘drain the swamp’ in Minnesota Minnesota will have a new leader in 2018, as voters will go to the polls and vote for their next governor. Minnesota native Christopher Chamberlin, hopes to be the next Governor...

By Lawrence Lease on Dec 31st, 2016

‘Travelers’: A fun and thought provoking sci-fi drama Netflix has recently released a new sci-fi drama called ‘Travelers.’ Travelers is Netflix’s latest foreign tv show from Canada. Unlike most recent time-travel shows and...

By Lawrence Lease on Dec 29th, 2016
Rogue One

‘Rogue One’ is all it was made out to be It seems like it’s been forever since “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” was released last Christmas, but yet again, the Disney giant mega-corp has released another December Star Wars...

By Lawrence Lease on Dec 28th, 2016
Vincent Viola

President-elect Donald Trump is continuing to fill out his Pentagon staff and announced that NHL Panthers owner and New York financial mogul Vincent Viola will be the next secretary of the Army. President-elect Trump released a statement announcing...

By Lawrence Lease on Dec 22nd, 2016

Grand Marshal Olivia Newton-John The Hollywood Christmas Parade, an annual Southern California tradition celebrated its 85th year on Sunday, November 27. Read more →...

By Ella Batalon on Nov 29th, 2016