There is always something magical at Broadway, especially at night with all of those lights announcing the shows.  With the comeback of the musical Cats, the lights at Broadway are shinning brighter than ever before.  Cats is a musical that is suitable for all ages that the entire family will enjoy.

You will remember all of your felines when you see this Broadway musical.  The performers in this show resemble cats as they leap and soar like graceful dancers with feline attributes.  The scene of the stage is a junk yard, an environment where many stray and feral cats live. The musical takes place during the night, for felines are nocturnal creatures.  The colors of the stage change with each scene. The full moon, called the “Jellicle Moon,” enhances the ambiance of each scene

Jennyanydots, who is an old Gumbie cat, is the one of the most charming characters in the musical.  She takes frequent naps and is not that active.  However, at night she likes to chase mice. Some of us have had a sedentary feline as they are often seen from the windows of New York apartments.

Macavity is a colorful persona in the musical who causes mischief.  Those cats that simply run in apartments and homes causing havoc are like Macavity.  Some of us have had cats that misbehave behind our backs.


If you are a feline lover, then you have probably had a cat that has been with you for many years through thick and thin. Deuteronomy, a  feline that has lived more than nine lives, will remind  you of your old cat.

Grizabella is the most dramatic character in the musical.   Deuteronomy guides Grizabella to the Heaviside Layer where she will find a new life.  Leona Lewis, who  has sold more than 20 million records globally, plays the leading role of Grizabella, the glamour cat.  She gives a moving performance as she sings the song, “Memory.” In this nostalgic song, Grizabella reminisces about the days of her youth, and it  is also symbolic about the passing of time.

Andrew Lloyd Webber only took one night to compose the music of the song “Memory.” Trevor Nunn, who was inspired by Thomas Stearn Eliot’s poem “Rhapsody on a Windy Night,” wrote the lyrics to the song “Memory”.


Webber wrote the musical Cats based on Eliot’s book, The Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats (1939).  Cats was first launched in London.  It debuted on Broadway on October 7, 1982 at the Winter Garden Theater.  This family musical became Broadway’s fourth longest running show.  Today this musical is playing at the Neil Simon Theater.

Now the musical Cats is back and better than ever before mesmerizing a new generation of theater goers.  As for the memory, it will live forever.