Deborah Cox as Rachel Marron
Deborah Cox as Rachel Marron

Broadway in Chicago brought lights, song, and the ultimate tribute to Whitney Houston in Chicago with its take on “The Bodyguard”.  This show, which may have been underplayed in the media due to the success of other huge hits, is one worth checking out ASAP.  Running from January 31 – Feb 12, The Bodyguard – The Musical is playing at the Oriental Theatre in the Chicago Loop as part of its US tour.

This version “The Bodyguard”, tells a slightly altered account of the story than its movie counterpart, and brings some more modern concepts like smartphones into its story-line.  However, it keeps the same essence of the celebrated movie, and the story transports you back to the original.  Deborah Cox plays Rachel Marron, a role which won much acclaim for its former star, the since passed, Whitney Houston, and is also a celebration of the departed singer’s broader works.


The cast and crew do an excellent job of creating this story, with musical interludes in a winning fashion.  It is nostalgic and new at the same time, and feels akin to a music concert set to a story in some ways.  The cast stuns with their artful display of this story, and the show ends with a rendition of the epic song, “I Will Always Love You”.  Sticking around after the end is also a treat, as the cast brings us back to a celebratory mood, leaving all in the theater on a sort of “high”.

The Bodyguard - The Musical in Chicago
The Bodyguard – The Musical in Chicago

It was an complete treat for a Tuesday night to attend the opening of this fun show in Chicago.  Deborah Cox and the cast shared a truly wonderful experience.  If you like musicals or just like music, especially Whitney Houston’s, this is a show which will deliver on all accounts! You can check out all the tour information at this link.