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Media moguls and writers are buzzing about the unexpected shut down of Examiner as of July 10, 2016. As a result, many talented writers are looking for a new forum for their work.


Some Examiner contributors will be writing for its sister site, AXS is an entertainment-focused site that also sells tickets to concerts and other events.

However, a large number of Examiner contributors focused on other topics, ranging from fashion to news and opinions. These topics may not fall within the entertainment genre.

Record is welcoming writers who cover a variety of topics including news, travel,  entertainment, lifestyles, money, business, science, technology, and more. The focus is on unique content with a distinctive voice.


Over the years, other writing sites have come and gone. Contributors for sites such as Gather, Huliq, and Examiner have found themselves without a place to publish their work.

Record encourages seasoned writers, interns, and enthusiasts to apply for an opportunity to showcase your work. Record has offered a reliable platform for talented contributors for nearly eight years.

With gone, continue your devotion to the trade with us! Take a few minutes to send us your information at