Ever since 1989, Charging Bull was the only statue in the Financial District of Manhattan, but the bull is no longer alone.  Now there is a Fearless Girl looking directly at the bull.  The two famous statues, that now face each other, have caused controversy among New Yorkers.  Some people believe that the statue of the little girl should stay exactly where she was placed.  While others think that she should be moved to another location.

The sculpture of the charming girl, with a ponytail, was put in the Financial District of Manhattan to support gender equality.  One of her messages is that women should have higher and better paid positions in the business sector.  Renowned artist Kristen Visbal’s vision for Fearless Girl was to place her facing the bull to fight for equal rights for women in the workforce.


Many women believe that Fearless Girl should stay permanently in the Financial District of Manhattan.  There was a petition on Change.org which thousands of people signed in order to keep the statue in the heart of New York City.  Fearless Girl will remain facing Charging Bull through February 2018.  Numerous New Yorkers see this as only a small victory since they want this iconic work of art to remain.

Bill and Melinda Gates, who are using their fortune to help children in third world countries, visit the Oslo Opera House in June 2009. [Featured image by Kjetil Ree/Wikimedia Commons]
Bill and Melinda Gates, who are using their fortune to help children in third world countries, visit the Oslo Opera House in June 2009. [Featured image by Kjetil Ree/Wikimedia Commons]

Like Charging Bull, Fearless Girl has helped New York’s economy by bringing in plenty of tourism.  Across the world, tourists have come to see this work of art.  Little girls, who may become the business leaders of tomorrow, have posed next to the sculpture for a snapshot.  Women of all ages have had their photo taken with the famous girl.  This statue continues to inspire people from all walks of life.

Despite all the support for Fearless Girl, revered artist Arturo Di Modica wants the popular statue to be relocated. Di Modica, who created the Charging Bull sculpture, thinks that the statue of the girl alters the meaning of the bull.  He also said that Fearless Girl was placed facing his sculpture without his permission.


Despite the difference between both statues, they both share common attributes.  The bull and the girl are both symbolic of the power of Wall Street and the strength of the financial market.  With their feisty spirit, these artistic works are both native to New York.  They were both placed in the financial sector during a special occasion.  Fearless Girl was put in the financial sector just before International Women’s Day.  Charging Bull was placed in the Financial District on December 15, 1989 under a 60 foot Christmas tree.  Di Modica gave New Yorkers a Christmas present that they continue to enjoy every day of the year.

Since the roles of women have changed in society, Fearless Girl should stay exactly where she is surrounded by New York’s financial market.  Today there are more women who hold top business positions than ever before.  As Mother’s Day fast approaches, there are also more working mothers who are executives and have created financial empires.

Jessica Alba, a Hollywood actress, created a thriving business specializing in natural childcare and beauty products.  Alba, who co-founded The Honest Company with Christopher Gavin, makes products that do not contain damaging substances.  Her business is worth $1.7 billion and continues to grow.  The Honest Company is also a wonderful place for parents to work.  New moms get a 16 week parental leave.  New dads get an eight week parental leave.

Beyoncé is a mom who can not only sing and dance, but she is also a savvy businesswoman.  According to Forbes, her net worth is $250 million as of 2015.  Not one to shy away from controversy, her single “Formation” was a huge hit.  In addition to her successful music career, Beyoncé has also started her own profitable business.  Ivy Park is a company where Beyoncé makes stylish athletic and leisure ware.  Beyoncé’s music company, Parkwood Entertainment, recruits talented musicians for the music industry.

Sheryl Sandberg, who is COO of Facebook, uses her motherly love and business expertise to help others.  As co-chair for Stand Up for Kids campaign, Sandberg’s goal is to collect $7 million to end childhood hunger.  As a strong advocate for women’s rights, she has made contributions to the “Lean In” movement that supports equal rights for women.

In addition to being a great mom to her three children, Melinda Gates has become a mother to the children of the world.  As a co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, she works with the World Health Organization and UNICEF to save children’s lives.  She travels worldwide with her husband Bill to financially support immunization programs.  These measures will eradicate diseases, such as polio, in third world nations.  She has also financially supported research for the No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project to provide equal rights for women globally.  Bill and Melinda Gates have an estimated net worth of $89.4 billion.  They are both selflessly using their fortune to change the world.

As women take more risks in business, they have already proven that they have the spirit of the Fearless Girl.  Whether the statue remains in the Financial District of New York or is moved elsewhere, Fearless Girl has already left her indelible mark.