Home Energy Savers for Summer

Spring gives everyone a welcome break as they turn down the heat and start to save energy. But the arrival of the summer heat often means turning up air conditioners and spending more for electricity. Discover a few home energy savers for summer to reduce energy use and save money on utility bills.

Check Out the HVAC System

Have a professional check the HVAC system to ensure it is operating efficiently. Make sure to change the filters every three months. If the system is more than a decade old, consider replacing it with an Energy Star certified equipment to save energy and cut down on inevitable summer air conditioning bills.

Attic Insulation

Heat can build up in an attic and wind up entering the home, making the air conditioners work harder. Turning up the air conditioning uses more energy and causes utility bills to soar. Consider adding insulation to the attic to keep the house cooler and use less air conditioning.

Close the Shades and Curtains

The Energy Star website offers an inexpensive, practical way to save energy. Simply shut the shades and curtains throughout the house to reduce the amount of solar heat that enters the home. Another option is to add shade trees around the house. Both are great ways to go green and use basic resources to help conserve energy.

A Ceiling Fan and Programmable Thermostat

A perfect combination to save energy is installing a programmable thermostat and a ceiling fan. A programmable thermostat can be set to automatically lower the air conditioning when it is not needed, such as when everyone is at work. An Energy Star certified ceiling fan moves air and can help lower cooling costs by an impressive 14%.

Eliminate Leaks

OregonLive recommends sealing air leaks to help keep cool air indoors during the warm months of summer. Air leaks can be found all over the house, in areas such as window and door trim. Spray foam can be used to close off these leaks. Other budget-conscious ways to get rid of them include weather stripping and caulk. Having new windows installed is another way to get rid of leaks and prevent air conditioning from escaping the house.

Change Daily Routines

The E3 Power blog offers practical tips, such as cooking outdoors rather than using the indoor oven, which adds heat to the house. Laundry can be done during the evening hours when it is cooler, or clothing can be hung on a line outdoors to dry. If a clothes dryer is used, the lint trap should be cleaned after each load to help reduce the drying time.

Homeowners can also schedule an energy audit to find out what areas of their home need improvement. An energy audit gives homeowners the facts about where energy is being lost, along with common sense ways to save it during the summer and all year round.