As cyber criminals become savvier, security threats continue to be a major problem for companies around the globe. Trying to stay a step ahead of scammers involves knowledge, action and ongoing training. A recent survey revealed the top security threats currently faced by oil and gas companies worldwide.

The international DNV GL survey included 1,100 business professionals. It revealed the top ten major cyber security threats for companies operating in the area offshore Norway. These threats are also common for all types of major companies, making this survey an eye-opener for many executives.

The top threat was a lack of cyber security awareness training among workers. Ongoing training can help employees become more aware of cyber security and how to maintain it. Another threat was working remotely during operations as well as using standard IT products that are known to be vulnerable to attack.

Further, the survey revealed a limited cyber culture among contractors, vendors, and suppliers, proving more people need to learn about cyber security and how it works. There was an insufficient separation of data networks and many employees were unaware about the secure use of storage units and mobile devices, including smartphones.


Additionally, there were issues with offshore and onshore facilities’ data networks and the use of vulnerable software that left private data open for attack. Many facilities had outdated control systems. Plus, data rooms and cabinets were not secure enough to guard against theft.

An increasing number of businesses are accepting all types of payments. This can make pertinent financial data more vulnerable when employees are unfamiliar with security awareness protocols. The overall results reveal people need to learn more about online security and how to protect key data being used and shared by various companies.

Physical issues are simple to correct, such as insecure cabinets and data rooms. Solutions may include coded entry, alarms, and updated locks. Some high-security facilities are using entry methods such as a fingerprint or eye scanners.


Security awareness training is another viable option. Organizations such as Global Learning Systems provide essential training via an on-demand learning portal. This accessible, flexible learning method ensures everyone can fit security awareness training into their schedules.