Photo Credit: Errikos Andreou
Photo Credit: Errikos Andreou

Michael Kors and model sensation Lily Aldridge are gracing the cover of Hamptons magazine’s Labor Day issue. In the feature, the designer discussed his love for the Hamptons, philanthropy, innovations in fashion and technology, and more.

Michael Kors’ Hamptons-inspired clothes are perfect to wear for Labor Day. The Long Island native commented, “If you think about what I stand for as a designer, everything I do is glamorous but laid-back, and that kind of sums up the Hamptons.”

To him, nothing is better than being at a cocktail party in an extravagant pair of trousers, barefoot and wearing your husband’s t-shirt.“That to me is the Hamptons. It’s the most expensive, delicious lobster salad in the world with a Coke Zero at the beach. It’s that high-low mixture.”

The designer chatted about Michael Kors Access smartwatches, his new wearables launch. He said it’s an accessory that simplifies your life and questioned what could be better than that?


He added, “Michael Kors is always going to be one part glamor and indulgence and one part pragmatism and wearability.” He felt if you can combine the two, it’s the greatest thing and what you grab for all the time.

Michael discussed his love for adventure and Wonderlust. He said he would do anything and wanted a fragrance that talked about the idea that you are up for the unexpected, you are willing to experiment, and you want to have fun.

The ad campaign for the new fragrance features Lily Aldridge. She is on a yacht, at a party, sees a cute guy and suggests getting out of there.


Lily is wearing a beaded dress but doesn’t care. She jumps in the water and gets wet. They saw this in “La Dolce Vita” and it was just the idea of living life to its fullest.

As everyone heads to the Hampton Classic for Labor Day weekend, the designer indicated he was up for any adventure.

“If you said to me, ‘You know, Michael, do you have three or four hours free next weekend, do you want to go horseback riding in Montauk?’ I’ll say sure, even though I’m a terrible rider, I’ll go!”

His favorite part of being a designer is when people “really live in what they buy from me, that it’s not just for a special occasion.”

Beyond his incredible talent as a designer. Michael Kors spoke to Hamptons magazine about the possibility of a book. He thinks he has five books in him and “a very good memory!”

Plus, he talked about his philanthropy work with the World Food Programme and God’s Love We Deliver. He said he is a problem-solver as a person and a designer.

He remembered the when the AIDS crisis first started in the ’80s and the feeling of what you could do. And he is not a doctor or scientist but the reality is we could get food to people who needed it.

As he started to travel and see more of the world, he realized it was something we have to deal with all over the planet. The food is there, but we had to find the right people to deliver it.

“The World Food Programme [is] delivering meals in Syria. Locally here in New York, getting nutritious meals out to those who are ill is what God’s Love We Deliver has done so remarkably since the ’80s.”

After 35 years of business, the renowned designer admits he is more curious and more engaged than ever. Life is changing, and for a designer, “that’s when it’s exciting.”

He said, “People are communicating differently, shopping differently and living differently.”With communication in mind, the high profile designer has been in the public eye without a personal Instagram account.

And he stated he was a pretty public person and always has been. But when he was doing “Project Runway,” he realized how public he became.

“I made the decision at the time that there’s got to be a line. But at the same time, I love looking. I love seeing what my friends are up to.”

To find out more about Michael Kors is up to, visit Hamptons magazine online or pick up a copy available on newsstands now.