Summer is one of the most enjoyable times of the year.  Since the days are longer, we can spend more time outside than during any other season.  Summer is a time to enjoy barbecues, picnics, festivals, games, camping as well as many other outdoor activities.

When the temperature rises, we can always escape the heat at the shore.  Even during sultry summer days, it is usually comfortable at the beach.  The fresh ocean breeze is refreshing.  With all of the shops, eateries and live entertainment, visiting the boardwalk can be even better than going to the mall.


Across America, many people simply think about relaxing during the summer.  They get their beach towel, apply sunscreen and rest under a beach umbrella.  By basking in the sun and breathing the fresh ocean air, their troubles seem to melt away.

Not only is summer the time to unwind and have fun, it is the perfect time of the year to save power.  In this age of global warming, we need to save energy more than ever before.  With all of those months of sunshine, it becomes feasible for all of us to help our planet during this season.

On days that are not so humid we should turn off the fan or air conditioner.  Open the window and cool off with a natural breeze.  Use the sunlight from the window to do your daily chores.  With the prolonged days of summer, we do not need to turn on the light in the late afternoon.  As we use less power, we save money on our energy bill and help the environment.


Instead of using the dryer, dry your clothes on the clothes line.  With the warmth of the sun, your garments will dry quickly.  You will also have more money in your pocket.

When the summer weather reaches an ideal 80 to 85 degrees, take a walk instead of using the car or public transportation.  In addition to cutting down on fossil fuel emissions, you will engage in an exercise that is healthy for your mind and body.

As you take your stroll, you will see the unfolding wonders of nature.  You will probably see a variety of birds.  When you gaze closely at a flower, you might see a hummingbird.  If you have the patience, perhaps you will see insects such as the preying mantis, ladybugs and grasshoppers.  You may even see the most beautiful insect of all, the butterfly.  Be sure to bring your camera or cell phone to capture your experience with nature.  Remember to savor each moment of summertime.