Seasonal Insurance Comes Before Summer Fun Outdoors

The weather is heating up as the spring rain slips away to welcome sultry summer days. From outdoor parties to boating, people look forward to having plenty of summer fun outdoors. ABC-WATE recently reminded people to consider seasonal insurance before anyone heads out for good times in the sun. A pleasurable summer memory can become a tragedy when people forget to invest in certain insurance policies.

Verify Homeowners Coverage

Homeowners often change their living habits during the summer season. Some people rent their homes during the summer while they vacation elsewhere. Often homeowners policies provide limited coverage and a special a rider for renters might be required. Additionally, renters of summer homes should get a temporary policy of their own to cover any belongings they bring to the house. Typically, the owners’ insurance policy will not cover theft or loss of items that belong to summer renters. Verify the backyard swimming pool is part of any current homeowners insurance policy. Additionally, people who own a small watercraft or rowboat should check to see if it is covered by their homeowners insurance policy. Usually a separate policy is required for most types of watercraft.

Marine Insurance Matters

Investing in a boat is an exciting experience. Most buyers are anxious to get out on the water for a day of fun. From fishing to lounging on a remote beach, having a boat in the summer opens up a world of adventurous possibilities. With that adventure comes risk. Marine insurance matters even if the boat is small and inexpensive. Boaters must keep in mind the possibility that they could hit into a most expensive boat or even a marina dock. The damages can become costly and marine insurance is a way to cover these expenses.

Classic Car Insurance

If that 1967 convertible is ready to come out of the garage for a summer day trip, make sure it is properly insured. Usually classic car coverage is affordable and provides the proper level of coverage when people enjoy riding around in an older vehicle a few times a year.

Wedding Insurance

June, July and August are prime months of the year to get married, especially for those who want an outdoor wedding. The cost of a wedding can add up to tens of thousands of dollars. Guard against losses and damages that could be incurred along the way by investing in a wedding insurance policy. It is a another way for couples to ensure their future is happy and bright.

Motorcycle Insurance

For those who can’t resist the lure of the open road with wind in their hair, motorcycle insurance is a necessity this summer. Even the biggest Harley can be subject to a terrible accident and serious damages. The driver’s accident history, where they store the motorcycle and where they ride the bike all have an impact on the cost of motorcycle insurance.

Rental Vehicle Insurance

Many vacationers decide to rent a car or recreational vehicle to go on a summer getaway. Often the renter’s car insurance provides some level of coverage. The rental agency also offers insurance which may cover personal accidents for medical costs, coverage of belongings and liability protection in the event of a lawsuit. Before investing in this coverage, renters should contact their auto insurance provider to verify they are not paying for double coverage.

Business Insurance

Summer is a time for partying and feasting in certain cuisine. This leads to the opening of temporary businesses, ranging from hot dog trucks to bed and breakfasts. People who run a summer enterprise should consult with an attorney and an accountant to verify their business is properly organized. It is also essential to invest in business insurance in the event of an accident, loss or other unexpected occurrence. The goal of a summer business is to help people earn extra cash. A lawsuit could lead to business and personal losses without the right insurance policy to cover all related costs. Keep in mind some areas do not permit even the smallest enterprises, such as a lemonade stand, without a proper street vending permit.

Natural Disasters Happen

Few people can forget the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy. During the summer, certain areas across the nation are subject to natural disasters such as hurricanes and flooding. Homeowners in these locations should verify they carry flood insurance and will be covered in the event of a natural disaster. Renters can also get extended coverage that would cover costs such as loss of property, relocation and even pay for rent during a designated period of time.

The living is easy in the summer when people are well-prepared and invest in the right types of insurance to cover any unexpected event.