This is an age of large and flat digital screens that provide the highest quality of home entertainment.  When you travel for business or pleasure, you cannot take the huge screen with you.  How do you unwind on a long business trip or a summer vacation with the family?  The solution is a smaller digital screen such as the Sylvania 13.3-Inch Swivel Portable DVD Player.  Since this high quality device is transportable, you can take it with you anywhere.

Sylvania DVD Player also has many features of high caliber.  Since you can move the screen at 180 degrees, you can view films at the perfect angle that suits you.

With the USB or SD Card Reader, you can see your preferred photos or listen to your favorite music.  Using the ear buds, you can watch a flick or listen to music without disturbing anyone else.

Since the Sylvania DVD Player has a rechargeable battery, you can watch an entire movie without using a power adapter.  You can use the remote control to easily change the settings of your DVD player, rewind, fast forward and adjust the volume.


For those who take long road trips in their car, the Sylvania DVD Player has a car adapter.  When children have their own portable DVD player, they will be quiet on summer trips as they watch their preferred movies.  No matter their age, every member of your family will be very happy with their own Sylvania DVD Player.  Since your loved ones will be amused, you will be able to drive safely to your destination without distractions.

After your summer break is over, you can see all the interesting pictures that you took with the USB Card Reader of your Sylvania DVD Player.  Every member of your family will be engaged as they view their digital pictures.  Even though your getaway ended, you can still relive each moment with those digital photos.  During every season of the year, the Sylvania DVD Player is ideal for travelers.