The Long and Short Term Effects of Graduating in a Recession: Male and Female Graduates

For those about to graduate, the job market does not look promising. There have been several studies done on college graduates in the past years in an attempt to assess the importance of alternative career models and to predict the long-ranging effects of graduating in a recession. This article characterizes the decrease in gender wage gap between male and female college graduates from the early 90’s to 2012 in the USA. Continue reading
Photo: Carole Kerbage

The Europe-Wide Rise in Anti-Semitism

The recent escalation of violence in Gaza has been followed up by increase in anti-Semitic sentiment across Europe. Attacks on Synagogues have become frequent and there have been worrying reports anti-Semitic slogans chanted at demonstrations. Causal explanations for this outburst vary. One line of argument runs that anti-Semitism is inherently coupled with anti-Zionism, and that emotive media coverage helps only to fan the flames. Alongside the tune of sensationalist media, those on both sides of the dispute over Gaza only feed the fire further by presenting narratives of European anti-Semitism, which are influenced largely by either moral or political concerns. Continue reading

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Island nation the first victim of climate change inaction

The town of Choiseul with a population around a thousand people will be relocating from Taro Island. Choiseul is among the first population centers to be forced to migrate due to sea level rise. The small island is less than 2 meters above sea level. With sea level rising by more than third of a meter by the end of the century, this vulnerability has become a serious liability for the citizens of Taro Island. This small island is part of the Solomon Island chain, and its evacuation means something for policymakers. Continue reading