You can send your music to a cloud. Soundcloud ( ) is a website, and free app with the Apple app store and Google Play, that lets you upload your original content to a web server, or cloud. Registration is free and easy and without a lot of questions. If you want more things to be known about you, you can put that information in your profile when you write it. You can upload a picture from your pictures to go on your profile.

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President Obama’s Immigration Speech Shapes Democratic Party for 2016

Tonight’s speech from President Obama was partly to address the unyielding immigration issue, and partly about shaping the Democratic Party for 2016.

President Obama presented his actions in stark contrast with the House of Representatives, making sure to remind tonight’s audience of the government shutdown it had caused and its refusal to put previously adopted immigration legislation by the Senate to a vote. He directly mentioned the GOP and explained his vision of the country on the issue, with the implied understanding that this was not shared by his political adversaries. And anyone from first to third generation immigrant who was watching tonight would be hard pressed to disagree given the President’s heartfelt defense of the issue.

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Guarding the Horizon, July 9, 2008 / @idfspokesperson

On Israel’s Frontiers: 6 Adversaries Israel May Fight in the Near Future

In the wake of the 50-day long war between Israel and the Hamas group in the Palestinian Gaza Strip it is unfortunately clear that Israel’s frontiers are far from quiet. In light of this it is important to try to gauge who Israel may potentially be fighting against in the near future. Because sadly the one thing that is clear is that there is going to be another war in the near future.

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New Book, ‘Wake Up or Die,’ Provides Definitive Guide to 21st Century Business Intelligence

Industry leader Corrine Sandler‘s new book, “Wake Up Or Die

 arms business leaders with a comprehensive guide to gathering and using actionable intelligence, and tells them why that has become essential to winning in today’s marketplace.


Sandler’s tips and examples of real-life intelligence winners and losers are tied to lessons from excerpts from the 2,000-year-old military treatise “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu, one of the greatest military commanders in history.

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New Book, “Thought Forms and Hallucinations,” by Chidambaram Ramesh, Explores Consciousness as an Essential Part of Scientific Investigation and Research

Indian author and freelance researcher Chidambaram Ramesh has released a new book which reveals that the human mind works through the holographic principle.

Thought-Forms and Hallucinations

” presents a comprehensive amount of anecdotal evidences challenging the classical view about human mind and consciousness. The book includes many real-life cases of the bodily manifestation of intensive thought processes. These case studies relate to creation of mental entities like Tibetan Tulpa, visual hallucinations, thought-photography, materialization, maternal impressions, stigmata and curious cases of birthmarks/bodily deformities that correspond to the injuries sustained in a previous life.

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Za'atri Refugee Camp, Jordan.

Not a Domestic Matter: Syria’s Dire Humanitarian and Refugee Crisis

As Syria’s humanitarian and refugee crises only worsens as that horrible war drags on one thing is becoming increasingly clear by the day. This problem is not a wholly domestic one.

Read any headline in the last few days and you get the sense that the desperation of Syrian displaced persons and refugees is reaching a crescendo. A recent report by the International Rescue Committee says that the nations on Syria’s periphery that are hosting millions of Syrian refugees are  “at a breaking point” when it comes to their ability to host refugees, never mind take in new ones. Millions of Syrians have been displaced by the continuous bombing on the part of the forces subordinate to the orders of the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the violent rampages of the Islamic State group.

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Egypt's President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi / From,

Another autocrat in need of foreign investment

Two recent news stories of interest went as quick as they came. But they were nevertheless interesting.

The first concerned U.S. President Barack Obama reinstating the Iran emergency for its 36th year. It was notable this year due to the fact that the nuclear negotiations the U.S. is engaged in with Iran are scheduled to conclude around the end of November. Obama’s continuation of the state of emergency the United States has maintained with Iran since 1979 signifies that, as Obama said, United States “relations with Iran have no yet returned to normal.”

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