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The Sunset of Brazilian Optimism

Brazil’s rapidly engorged position in the media spotlight over the summer has been dogged by persistent political and economic troubles of the country. From May until July, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro – amongst other large cities – were racked by street protests. Over one million people were estimated as taking part, with over 200 arrests made. Continue reading

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Netanyahu not backing down, no permanent end to the conflict in sight

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not agreeing to a cease-fire in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza, despite pressure from international leaders to end the fighting. Israel and Palestine have had disputes over borders, security, and freedom since the beginning of the twentieth century. The overall lack of peace is rooted in the religious and cultural conflict between Israel, a traditionally Jewish state, and the Arab nations that surround it. Israel considers the geographic area the Jewish homeland, while Muslims in the area consider it their historic land. Continue reading


The International is now Record

Dear readers,

Through the years The International has strived to provide its audience with the highest possible quality journalism. We have practiced our craft with unparalleled efforts, building a publication known for consistently providing perspicacious and insightful stories. Our mission has always been to pursue accountability among the individuals, organizations or entities that may otherwise escape unhindered, and we plan to stay true to that notion.

Modern media has drastically changed the way in which publications reach their audiences. What were once tried and true methods have rapidly become outdated, making it ever more pertinent to adapt to modern approaches. We view this as an opportunity to thrust ourselves not only to the forefront of our profession, but also the pinnacle of investigative journalism.

We have now reached the next phase of growth and development. Throughout the coming weeks and months we will be making a wide array of changes to the way in which we deliver content. By carrying out this transition we will reach our full potential, further carrying out our mission to hold companies and governments accountable.

Let us show that the fourth estate is as strong as ever.


Evan Luke, Managing Editor

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Tony Abbott brings Australia a step backwards on climate change

In a startling move on July 17th, Australia eliminated its carbon tax policy. The Australian senate voted 39 to 32 to repeal the carbon tax on major Australian polluters. The tax had risen up to 25 dollars per metric ton of carbon dioxide. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott had made a campaign promise to eliminate the tax. The carbon tax had been highly controversial with the Australian electorate. Australia relies heavily on fossil fuels to the extent that it is one of the world’s highest per capita carbon emitters. Continue reading