Video of Nanny Torturing 2 yr old, Wake Up Call for Parents in Africa


Many parents in Africa were shocked this week when a video of a nanny torturing a 2 year old baby in Uganda went viral. The video is heartbreaking. The nanny is caught on camera force feeding the baby and slaps her when she can’t swallow as quickly as the maid wants. The nanny then eats up the porridge. After a short while, the kid throws up on the couch. The nanny hits the baby hard, forcing poor kid to the floor, face down. The nanny then uses a torch to whip the baby for what seemed to be eternity. The baby helplessly lies on the spot she fell on, crying. And even that does not stop the nanny from continuing to torture the baby; she is then seen stepping on the baby’s back and kicking her. The video ends with the nanny carrying the baby, with one hand, off the floor and disappears to another room.

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Fleetwood Mac Together Again And On With The Show

The Seventies rock group Fleetwood Mac has reunited in 2014 after goin’ their own ways, pardon the title reference (“You Can Go Your Own Way”), in 1998 and will be coming to Texas in December. The group which features: Mick Fleetwood, namesake of the group, John and Christine McVie, also the namesake of the group (combining the two surnames), Lindsey Buckingham, and Stevie Nicks.

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Intertnet Service In Bihar

Internet Service Providers Ruining the Tech Entreprenuers Dreams in Bihar

Bihar, the unfolded saga and an Indian state with large number of youth population  is witnessing the rapid changes in the transition of globalization and internet. Many Young Turks are trying to come back to setup their start ups here in the state . But the infrastructure ( not talking about the government here) provided by private players esp internet services providers are so pathetic that whoever doing their business here and is dependent on internet are always in dilemma over the reliability of internet .

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andrée et playmobil 003

Swinging fate of Jharkhand again in the hands of People

Once again Jharkhand is going to witness  five-phased polls for state assembly starting from November 25,2014. Since the State’s inception in 2000,   this particular state of India  had witnessed 9  Governments, 3 President rules reflecting the unstable political scenario here which is drastically hitting the growth and development of state and its people. 

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You can send your music to a cloud. Soundcloud ( ) is a website, and free app with the Apple app store and Google Play, that lets you upload your original content to a web server, or cloud. Registration is free and easy and without a lot of questions. If you want more things to be known about you, you can put that information in your profile when you write it. You can upload a picture from your pictures to go on your profile.

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President Obama’s Immigration Speech Shapes Democratic Party for 2016

Tonight’s speech from President Obama was partly to address the unyielding immigration issue, and partly about shaping the Democratic Party for 2016.

President Obama presented his actions in stark contrast with the House of Representatives, making sure to remind tonight’s audience of the government shutdown it had caused and its refusal to put previously adopted immigration legislation by the Senate to a vote. He directly mentioned the GOP and explained his vision of the country on the issue, with the implied understanding that this was not shared by his political adversaries. And anyone from first to third generation immigrant who was watching tonight would be hard pressed to disagree given the President’s heartfelt defense of the issue.

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Guarding the Horizon, July 9, 2008 / @idfspokesperson

On Israel’s Frontiers: 6 Adversaries Israel May Fight in the Near Future

In the wake of the 50-day long war between Israel and the Hamas group in the Palestinian Gaza Strip it is unfortunately clear that Israel’s frontiers are far from quiet. In light of this it is important to try to gauge who Israel may potentially be fighting against in the near future. Because sadly the one thing that is clear is that there is going to be another war in the near future.

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