Sunday 28 August, 2016
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Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden: Hero or Traitor?

Edward Snowden: most damaging “whistleblower” ever Next month “Snowden” will be released in theaters which will dive into the life of Edward Snowden and focus on...

clinton body count
“Clinton Body Count” Linked to DNC Leaks

Clinton Body Count: Real or just another conspiracy Those in the conspiracy theorist circles are tying the “Clinton body count”...

The DOL’s new overtime law hurts small business

The U.S. Department Labor (DOL) has changed the overtime rules for much of the American workplace, likely hurting millions of small businesses...

Dark Act
President Obama signs DARK Act Into Law Protecting Food Industry

President Obama’s DARK Act law removes transparency from Big Food Industry President Obama signed into law the “Deny Americans...

transgender bathroom law
Texas judge overrules transgender bathroom law

Transgender bathroom law unconstitutional District Court Judge Reed O’Connor is temporarily...

Huma Abedin
Huma Abedin granted State Dept meetings for major donors

Private emails show that top Clinton aide Huma Abedin approved meetings with the State Department...

Millennials rejecting Trump’s message and turning to Clinton

Millennials turning against Donald Trump Hillary Clinton is winning over millennials faster than... has shut down, so join us!

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Young Women in Hawaii Learn About STEM Careers at PISCES Workshop

Teaching young women the importance of STEM skills can open up a world of career opportunities. Currently, females make up just about...