MN native Christopher Chamberlin running for governor in 2018

Christopher Chamberlin will ‘drain the swamp’ in Minnesota
Minnesota will have a new leader in 2018, as voters will go to the polls and vote for their next governor. Minnesota native Christopher Chamberlin, hopes to be the next Governor of Minnesota, so he can “drain the swamp” in Minnesota.

“Like President-elect Trump, we need to drain the Minnesota swamp. So I’m running for the office of Governor to do just that,” Chamberlin said in a letter addressed to residents of Minnesota.

Mr. Chamberlin can recall a Trump 2016 presidential rally, when he locked eyes with President-elect Donald Trump, who told him and the crowd “it is time for new blood here in Minnesota and it is your responsibility to drain the swamp”

Christopher Chamberlin was born in 1973 to parents Kathy Sue McBride and Clinton Carlyle Chamberlin. Christopher Chamberlin is working on a certificate in American Government and Politics at Harvard University. Chamberlin spent part of 2016 at the Leadership Institute in Washington D.C., where he was instructed on how to properly run a political campaign and win. Chamberlin was previously an uncredited actor at Touchstone Pictures and in 1976 appeared on Sesame Street as an extra.

Like most Americans, Chamberlin believes in being the change you want. A person’s future is in their hands and they can do with it, what they want. Chamberlin is ready to lead Minnesota to change.

Chamberlin is expected to be the Republican candidate and will face competition from either Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman and State Representative Erin Murphy, during the general election. Mr. Chamberlin is a full-fledged Minnesotan and is ready to address and solve the issues that are facing the great state of Minnesota.

“Minnesota is a great state, but our problems can’t be blamed on only Republicans, Independents, or Democrats – we need more people in both parties committed to working together and finding real solutions,” says Chamberlin.

Mr. Chamberlin is ready to solve the issues plaguing the state, but his four top issues are: balancing the budget, adhering to the constitution, eliminating gun free zones, and find real solutions to Minnesota problems.

What sets apart Chamberlin from the other run of the mill candidates, is the fact that he is your common man. Chamberlin does not claim to be perfect and believes that Minnesota can be much better. Chamberlin has faced many challenges including health challenges at a young age, but managed to conquer them and is now ready to face the challenge of working with the state officials of Minnesota and begin to make Minnesota great again.

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